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But a recent purchase of the product in this case, Liquitex left me with the feeling that the formulation or something had changed. I now had much more trouble sanding it down to the precise surface texture I wanted; it was like sanding rubber. So I decided to try gluing a fine, smooth canvas to the hardboard panels instead. Panel stretchers are actually pretty simple: you build a braced panel, and then stretch your canvas over it.

Frame Canvas Stretcher Bars with Thumb Tacks for Oil Painting and Paint by Grams; Date First Available: June 20 ; Manufacturer: Tonzom; ASIN.

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Fundamentally, a stretcher bar is usually made of timber, and shaped in a particular way. It is designed to have canvas stretched over it. It’s actually surprising how many options are available. When choosing a stretcher, there are a few things to consider: How big is the canvas? And lastly but not leastly , how long do you want it to last? Lets address these points one at a time.

Imitation oil paintings with misleading paper labels on period-looking frames have been fooling lots of 1. back side of canvas; 2. wood frame or stretcher which supports canvas; 3. inner Framed Sassy Cat Oil Painting Signed and Dated.

AC Stretchers are made of basswood, a lightweight, medium density, straight grained wood that is very stable when dry and therefore less susceptible to warping than other woods, making it a perfect choice for high quality, professional grade stretchers. With a tongue and groove joined, two-part opposing grain frame and reinforcing crossbars, this stretcher offers both structural integrity and economy. The fixed stretcher can also be made in sections that are joined by aluminum angle mending plates for convenience in moving.

The go-to stretcher for professionals, the professional expansion stretcher is equipped with mechanical corners and crossbars that allow for easy adjustment to the surface tension with the simple twist of ball joints located on all corners and crossbars. This stretcher can be taken completely apart in lengths or divided by a joint, and can also be made in sections with aluminum angle mending plates, making it a practical choice for large format paintings.

This stretcher can be taken completely apart and can also be made in sections with aluminum mending plates for easy assembly. To request a quote or place an order, please fill out the form below. Based on the information supplied, we will provide an estimate with an expected date of completion based on our current schedule.

Upon your written acceptance of the estimate, we will issue an order confirmation by email. The balance is due upon completion of your order, and prior to pickup or delivery.

US335383A – Stretcher-frame for paintings – Google Patents

The authors examine and compare in depth both paintings, one that is typical of Wright’s work and one that appears to include a fragment of another artist’s painting. The authors then discuss various unusual aspects of the second painting, including the sophisticated expandable stretcher. Seven of the paintings are oil on canvas, while one is oil on paper.

They are a fascinating group both art historically and technically since their conservation represents the whole gamut of degrees of later intervention, from nothing at all to complete treatment involving varnish removal, lining, retouching, and revarnishing. Wright left some notations about his working methods and materials, which made possible further interpretation of these works Wright 18th c.

1. WO – STRETCHER FRAME FOR AN ARTIST’S PAINTING CANVAS. Publication Number WO// Publication Date

What is the difference between a stretcher and a strainer? Simply put: a stretcher is adjustable and a strainer is not. Stretchers are adjustable frames that allow for the expansion of the frame when the fabric is no longer taught. The frame is able to be adjusted through the use of wooden keys or by turning threaded bolt mechanisms. Example of stretchers Strainers are fixed supports that are glued and fastened, so that expansion of the strainer is not possible at a later date.

They are made like stretchers without the adjustable corners. At American Frame, we use strainers when we stretch canvas. The reason is because they can be custom cut to go along with our custom canvas sizes. Stretchers vs. American Frame Valerie, You’re welcome!

Why Beveled Canvas Stretcher Frames Are Best: An Oil On Canvas Case Study

In the first article of this series, Creating Your Own Stretched Canvases , I introduced you to a video overview of the process by fine artist Steve Henderson, who has been creating and building his own stretched canvases for years, with a strong eye on quality and craftsmanship. The “bones” of the oil painting’s canvas, as Steve sees it, are the stretcher bars, and the supporting frame made from them.

How straight and true the final work stays depends upon the time and care taken at this point, in addition to the quality of the materials used. As with any Do It Yourself endeavor, building your own stretcher bar frames is a learning process, and the first time you do it, you may very well wonder if and when there will be a second time — because it all takes so long.

The monogram and date on the verso were detected through the lining canvas The painting was done after the canvas was mounted on the stretcher, as the.

The stretcher keys are the thin, triangular wooden wedges that are hammered into the slots located at the inner corners of the stretchers, in order to tighten the canvas by expanding or opening the stretcher. As far as we know, stretcher keys are first mentioned in the specialized literature by Antoine-Joseph Pernety in his “Dictionnaire portatif de peinture, sculpture et gravure” published in How do the stretcher keys work?

Depending on the stretcher they tighten the canvas in a different manner. Single key stretchers, have a tendency to lose the straight angle on the corners, therefore, as a general rule, double key stretcher are preferable. Additionally, it is advisable to hammer the wedges by pairs so that the stretcher opens evenly. But, do we position the keys properly? However, in Figs.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Stretcher or Strainer

The auxiliary support of a canvas painting is usually a wooden frame onto which the canvas is stretched. This holds the canvas under tension, thus reducing movement of the fabric and allowing the artist to paint on a flat support. There are two common types of auxiliary support. Strainers are rigid frames with fixed corners. Stretchers are frames that have expandable corners, allowing adjustment of tension. Usually keys small wooden triangles are present in slots in the corner joins.

The oil on canvas after removing the frame; note the stretcher marks caused with older paintings, particularly those dating prior to the s and 70s. In fact, the paint surface was cracked at the stretcher edge around the.

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